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When Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity

 in 1905 he shook the very foundations of science.
Without going into complex detail, and his theory of

 relativity is in fact so complex that most of the worlds
 top physicists still cannot fully grasp the implications
of his theory today, what Albert Einstein essentially
 proved was everything is energy. Previously physicists
believed that everything was made up of two separate
 elements, matter and energy. This, had it been true
would mean that the human mind was separate from
the human body. With his theory Einstein turned this
idea of separateness on its head. E = mc2 in fact
proved that everything is energy and therefore there
is no dualistic world, in fact everything in the universe
was connected.




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Angels of 'Illumination.
There are very few human beings
who receive the truth,
complete and staggering, by instant
Most of them acquire it fragment by
fragment, on a small scale,
by successive development,
cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.
Anais Nin, American
novelist (1902 - 1977)
The 'Angel Illumination' shines God's light of awareness upon you.  The light of the supreme spirit is more brilliant than a thousand suns.  Infused with unconditional love, it penetrates the shadows of ignorance with the greatest care.
  When this angel shines this light upon you, the truest part of you is illuminated.  Your soul receives increased awareness and love from this illumination.
When the Angel Illumination touches
you with God's light, darkened areas are
also exposed.  The light of awareness
brings our attention to things that you
haven't yet noticed about yourself or are
trying to ignore.  What part of your life
is the angel calling to your attention? 
Which feelings or attitudes are being
It can be painful to recognize the dark,
 ugly parts of yourself, such as feelings
of jealousy and hatred.  But is very good
  to become aware of these hidden elements.When you can see into the darkness, you can do something to find the truer, more loving parts of yourself.
God is with you in the darkest moments,
 when your illusions are illuminated. 
Experiencing this is difficult because,
 with illumination, your soul feels the
embrace of unconditional love, and
your illusions seem a hundred times
worse when they are so sharply
contrasted with the embrace of love. 
In those moments of great pain, look
inside yourself for love rather than
focusing on the darkness.
Illumination reveals truth. Because of God's mercy, illumination often comes in smaller doses that can be tolerated as your feelings and attitudes are exposed.
Do you feel discouraged when you become aware of an area of darkness?
Is this an area you have worked on for sometime and thought you were done with? Don't worry, you are not going backward. Feel encouraged because the Angel Illumination is guiding you deeper into persistent issues so your heart can open to greater love and awareness.
When you become aware of areas
that need work, do you feel confuse
or caught up in self-judgment?  Change
 your perspective.  Even though it may
feel uncomfortable, see your new awareness as a positive thing and use it to move forward.  Feel gratitude that you are seeing this darkness in yourself.   Pray.  Ask the Angel Illumination to help you let go of the darkness you have
witnessed and grasp an awareness of the true, loving parts of yourself.
Come back to the big picture.  What
does your soul really want?  Look at
what is happening to you from the bigger
perspective of the truer part of yourself. 
What are your real desires?  What actions
can you take to let go of the darkness you
are seeing and to find a greater love and awareness?
Illumination from the Almighty is a
powerful force of love that is stronger
than any darkness.  Through awareness,
 you can bask in the resplendent glow of
unconditional love.
Actions to Attract
the Angel Illumination
   To receive illumination, meditate
to the sound of 'Resurrection'
by Raphael on Music to Disappear In 
'Coming Out of the Dark; by Gloria Estefan Found on GloriaEstefan's Greatest Hits
Invite the Angel of Illumination to guide you as you gain coming self-awareness.
During meditation, ask the Angel Illumination to escort you into the brilliant light of truth.
    Seize the time when the light of illumination is shining  upon you to write in a journal.  Write about:
    The qualities of soul that you discover.
   The awareness or realizations you receive in light of truth. 
    Dark aspects that influence our behavior and 
                  the way this influence affects your loved ones.
    Experiences of finding love as you work through darkness.
    Personal experiences with the Angel Illumination or with God.
    Find heartfelt gratitude for everything that is being illuminated, both the dark and the light, until a prayer of thanksgiving flows out of your heart.
   Apologize to someone you treated poorly
     because you were jealous or hateful.  Or
       send a thank you note that acknowledges
    how you have benefited from knowing this person.
                 Pray.  Here is an example:
            Angel Illumination,
     Thank you for illuminating the darkness within me
            so I can see it and change.
            Thank you for holding me in your love.
            Thank you for pulling me into the truth.
            Thank you for never giving up on me.

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